Mezzanine Supported Platform Racking System (MSRP) like the ones from NTL Storage is an innovative rack system that allows businesses to maximize their storage space and create custom-made work areas. The system is fully adjustable and designed with the latest advancements in racking technology. It can be used in a variety of industries such as warehouses, industrial buildings, offices, retail stores, garages and more.

What Is Mezzanine Supported Platform Racking System?

MSRP consists of a main support beam (also called a girder or column), several upright posts that hold shelving units, floor plates that provide structural stability for each shelf level above the ground floor, mezzanines which are shelves suspended from the main support beam with walkways leading to them, additional safety brackets and connectors to secure each shelf unit, and customized accessories such as ladders and stairways. The components can be assembled together in various combinations to fit the desired layout of a warehouse or other facility. With its modular design, MSRP allows users to build custom racking structures without needing any traditional welding or building materials such as steel beams or concrete walls.

Benefits of Mezzanine Supported Platform Racking System

One of the biggest advantages of using MSRP is its easy assembly process; it requires minimal tools and no specialist knowledge or skillset to assemble the racks correctly. This saves business owners time and money since they can quickly setup the racks themselves instead of having to hire tradespeople who know how to weld or concretely construct steel frame systems. Furthermore, unlike traditional steel frame systems which are heavy and difficult to move around once constructed, MSRP’s lightweight aluminium components allow for quick reconfiguration whenever needed with minimal effort. This convenience makes it perfect for businesses that often rearrange their facilities on short notice due to seasonal changes or expanding needs.

In addition to being simple to assemble and highly adjustable, MSRP offers excellent storage protection for goods stored on palletized racks or via mezzanine platforms; all shelving units come with reinforced footplates that ensure maximum load-bearing capacity when heavily loaded with your goods. As an added bonus customers can also choose from various designs depending on their personal tastes including colours such as yellow or black powder coat layer finishes on all upright posts along with stainless steel wire grids if asked for extra safety measures like dust containment panels installed into each shelving unit.

Suitable Industries For The Mezzanine Supported Platform Racking System

MSRP is most suitable for use in industrial warehouses where efficient storage solutions are needed but there isn’t enough space available inside the building itself due to height restrictions; this includes sectors such as manufacturing plants which require high levels of storage but often have limited ceilings heights which prevent usage of standard racking systems like those that use beams mounted at regular intervals along walls or ceilings due their size constraints. Other industries which may benefit from implementing MSRP include distribution centers that ship large amounts of items regularly – since its easy reconfiguration capabilities allow workers quickly adjust shelf levels wherever required during busy times – plus any industry dealing with retail merchandise since its modular design makes it easily customizable according to different store layouts across multiple locations if needed!

Finally, many medical institutions have also found great success by installing these types of rack solutions due their ability both store large bulky equipment whilst keeping them secure thanks enhanced security features like rubber-coated hooks/connectors & reinforced footplates preventing items falling off shelving units even when containing unusually weighted objects! Overall MSRP has been found more cost-effective than traditional steel counterparts while providing same amount strength & sturdiness required industrial settings thus making it ideal choice anyone looking maximize their storage space without needing expensive installation fees associated bolted solutions.

In brief, we have shared with you the benefits of mezzanine racking system and the industries that uses them. Check out NTL Storage for their Mezzanine Supported Platform Racking System in Singapore.