Communication is what connects us; whether it’s checking progress, assigning teams, or sharing ideas – the tools help us get our thoughts and work out into the open. Whether it’s Slack or a variant such as Google Teams, these tools aggregate team communication in a centralised system, replacing a hundred email strings flying to and fro in the far-flung reaches of the corporate cloud.

Marketing automation software like Mailchimp or ConvertKit can help you craft emails for your exact buyer personas. Design services such as Canva offer intuitive interfaces for creating attractive graphics and presentations.


Plerdy – a set of website usability analysis tools in one package. It is a combination of heatmaps with event recording and flips, click maps, NPS-surveys and pop-up forms for deep analysis as opposed to just heatmapping as well as SEO audit and funnel tracking. I really do recommend Plerdy for CRO specialists. We are able to track the micro conversions on the website, and also help to find macro conversion causes. And lastly, a great price to anotherent tool that has no match. I believe businesses of any size could afford it.


Semrush provides all-in-one SEO solutions, including various tools to ease keywords and competitors research, as well as audit tools that provide information about technical issues to ensure good ranking in search engine results. Adobe’s Content Marketing Suite incorporates tools for idea generation and performance measurement of all your content production work, together with a new writing assistant and a template developed for content generation.


Mailchimp is an email marketing solution with many useful features for digital marketers who operate this kind of business with an easy user interface.This text is paraphrased from the human-sounding original: Mailchimp is an email marketing software that comes in handy for digital marketers with many useful features that are easy to use by interen labour forces who are new in this business. Keap’s templates for sign-up forms, social media and website pages are customisable, but because it doesn’t have full CRM capabilities, you’d need to plug in another solution that offers something like Keap text marketing to fill that gap.


With Canva’s drag and drop design interface, anyone can create beautiful visuals with ease, regardless of their artistic background or technical aptitude. Canva helps anyone design with a combination of millions of free images and design elements, professionally designed layouts, and an intuitive drag and drop design interface that makes it easy to choose pre-sets and place objects. This Drag-and-drop interface enables you work collaboratively in teams on your projects. Dramatically reduce meetings and emails by adoption it! Allows providing lots of different kind of tools, such as resizing and highlighting of images and text.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is the ultimate tool to make social media management easier, and help with activity on Facebook, such as analytics, competitor analysis, and community management in order to increase the success of your marketing strategy. Through indepth analytics: only you can get to really know your audience, figure out whos reading your posts and who isnt, and see how well theyre working – or perhaps not, at which point you can delve into other tricks to make your posts more appealing to your audience.
Coincidentally, you can also track your competitors and see if something theyve done could be improved upon in order to give your company a little more of an edge in the future.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The premium version, GA360, is available for large enterprises at an additional cost and provides more metrics and intelligence tools than the fundamental GA. With the paid version, users get access to service level agreements; the ability to feed its data into BigQuery databases; and to create custom metrics and variables to track. It also offers larger data limits than the regular GA. Easy to use and helpful in identifying product market fit, Product Market Fit Analysis can assist founders in better assessing what works and isn’t working sufficiently in product and business models.


Dropbox is considered to be an innovative cloud storage service, designed to make teamwork simpler by making it easy to share files and work together, allowing teams of all sizes to finish projects faster and more productively. There is also password protection and temporary links for extra security against hackers, and a backup to prevent files from disappearing forever in case they are lost or accidentally deleted. At GoDaddy, anyone can take a swing at it, including businesses, for free with the starter plans. The plus plans have even bigger spaces and amenities.


Whether you need to cut down internal emails, improve collaboration or increase productivity, Slack’s here to help. More than 1,500 apps support Slack and the service offers its own workflow builder to allow you to automate messages, checklists, file transfers or anything else. With Slack, productivity keeps going up, day after day after day. On top of accommodating voice and video calls, facilitating instant questions, prompt decisions, momentary access to someone, instant onboarding of new volunteer team members and staff, it delivers prompt responses – all at the expense of the human component in person-to-person meetings.

Slack for Teams

Slack is a messaging app most of us use every day in our workplaces. We can text between teams to discuss anything substantively or mindlessly and usually avoid the tedious lengthy email counter. App integrations for firstline workers (service and task-oriented employees) that help with the collection of work hour information and delivery Slack supports the improvement of productivity for teams with integrations for task tracking, time tracking, hourly billing sync, employee shift planning, among others.

Slack for Marketing

For marketing teams, this collaborative nature is vital to ensure the achievement of team objectives. Brainstorming campaign concepts, working with external partners or organising a Slack workflow through threaded timelines – everything can take place within channels without having to leave Slack. Slack would rather promote its product through word-of-mouth marketing. Happy users are the best advocates for the brand. To achieve this, the company prioritises great customer service on its platform and responds well to user needs and wants by being highly reactive to users’ success stories or issues. For example, if someone has a question or is unsure about how to use Slack, it waits for them to ask and immediately answers their queries. On their blog site, they showcase success stories by encouraging users to share their exploits with the platform on social media.